On time. Ladies work well together. House is perfect when they leave. I can give them different things to do if needed.

Connie S.

Very efficient, show care, and the fact that four people are cleaning and house is done well in a short period of time.

Prefer this than having one or two people cleaning all day!

Georgina T.

The individuals who come to my house are people that I feel welcome having in my house.

They're clean placement and just in general someone that you would like to hear front your house.                     

Sharna L.

The complete dedication to cleanliness by all teams who have worked here.                                           

Gloria C.

These ladies are professional, courteous and very quick at cleaning my rather large home. I have never been disappointed with their service.

Top rate cleaning job!

Cindi W.

They went above and beyond to make the house look as picture perfect as possible. They really did an excellent job.


Very efficient and cleaned everything. Down to every little detail! Excellent job!                                     




Contact Info

      The Maids of West Palm Beach
6917 Vista Pky N #12, West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Phone: (561) 478-1818


John, who is EXTREMELY particular, is ecstatic! He said your crew did in 2 hours what our housekeeper couldn't do in 5 years. The house looks incredible - they did a fabulous job!

- Libby