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Once the New Year’s celebrations have calmed down, you’re probably going to go back to your usual routine. However, with all the festivities going on, you may have neglected to keep your home as clean and fresh as it usually is, or perhaps you’ve realized that you should give your home a deep and thorough clean for the New Year.

Either way, we’ve put together a list of the ten most essential household items to clean for the New Year.

10 Household Items To Clean For The New Year

1. Oven

If you were in the kitchen cooking up a fantastic holiday meal, then you may want to give your oven a deep clean. Cleaning an oven can be a lot of work, but there are natural solutions such as using a baking soda and vinegar spritz and a cloth to wipe down the mixture and the stains. It might be hard work, so you may want to set aside some time to do it.

2. Windows

Keeping the heating on throughout the cold season will likely have caused your windows to build condensation, so it’s a good idea to give them a good clean to remove of any dirt and grime that may be stuck on them.

3. Refrigerator

Whether your fridge was the victim of an unfortunate spill or you stuffed a lot of product inside of it over the holidays, it’s a good idea to give it a deep and thorough clean. You may want to clean out any freezer units too and throw out any food that has expired.

4. Bathroom Items

Bathrooms usually need to be cleaned about once every two weeks unless you use them on a regular basis. However, if you’ve had many guests coming to use your bathrooms and you’ve left the window closed to retain heat, then you may need to clean up all of the condensation, any mold that could have grown and also grime stains.

5. Ventilation

Be it the extractor fan in your kitchen or your heating and cooling unit; you’ll need to give these items a thorough clean over the holidays because they are overworked. Vents typically require a bit of dusting, so this will create a lot of mess. Make sure you bring a vacuum to suck in all the loose dust and also give any grates a good clean to remove grime and dirt.

6. Washing Machine

If your kids have been particularly messy over the holidays or you simply switched clothes a lot for the festive season, then you’ll probably want to give your washing machine a good clean to remove any mineral deposits and detergent buildup. You can purchase supplies that specifically help to clean your washing machine, making it a straightforward task.

7. Bed Linen

Bed linen needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, and dust, however, your long sleep-ins and naps over the holiday season will have sped up the accumulated dirt, and as a result, your linen will need an extra wash before the New Year.

8. Carpets

Carpets are essential to clean on a regular basis, but if you’ve had guests over then, you’ll likely need to give them a deep clean to wash out any extra stains and dirt. If your carpets are particularly dirty, then it might be worth purchasing a carpet washer or hiring a service to help you do it.

9. Storage

Not only is cleaning storage areas a good idea but organizing your items should also be on the list of priorities. It’s also an excellent opportunity to throw out anything that you don’t need, such as old Christmas decorations, old appliances, and unwanted items. Clean cupboards, shelves, cabinets and any drawers that you suspect could be harboring dust and dirt.

10. Upholstery

Be it your sofa, armchair or dining chairs, make sure you give your upholstery a good clean before the New Year. If you’ve had guests around then, you might have hidden stains, crumbs or other accidental grime on your seats.

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It might be daunting to clean all of these items over the New Year, but it will freshen up your home and give you a comfortable and relaxing house that will carry you into the New Year.

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