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The holiday season is a time for celebrating with friends and loved ones, reminiscing about the year that flew by and also eating some delightful food. However, when all of those celebrations are over, it’s back to cleaning up the mess that’s in your home and putting away all the Christmas decorations that are no doubt cluttering up your rooms.

Thankfully, the New Year is the perfect time to establish some new rules around the house and pick up some cleaning habits that could carry into the next year. In this article, we’ve put together five of the most helpful cleaning tips you’ll come across so that you can stay truthful to all of those New Year’s cleaning resolutions that you’ve made.

1. Clean Everything And Leave Nothing

It’s easy to get lazy and clean only half the house or leave certain places (such as your fridge) untouched. If you want to power through the New Year with better cleaning habits, then it’s essential that you don’t miss a thing. Clean everything in sight and everything that’s not. Once you get into the habit of not missing a spot on your counters and cleaning out every appliance you use, you’ll find that maintaining them can get much easier throughout the year.

A big whole-home clean should only happen every three to four months. Between those big cleans, it helps to keep things well maintained by sooner or later, a specific appliance such as your HVAC system or your oven could accumulate dirt and grime and you will need to clean out.

2. Organize Your Storage Areas

Your cupboards and drawers are probably complete with stuff because of the season, so the New Year is the perfect time to get everything cleaned up and reorganize.

You’d be surprised at how much stuff you might have lurking in your storage, so start by making more space and clearing out anything that you haven’t touched in a long time unless it’s memorabilia that you want to keep around.

3. Plan With Your Cleaning

People underestimate just how much time the big cleaning tasks take. Not only are they time-consuming, but they also take some specialized tools. For example, cleaning your carpets might require some strong carpet cleaner and a specific appliance, and cleaning the outside of your windows might need special tools. Also, you might need to move around furniture or do them during the day when there’s plenty of light.

  • You should plan by scheduling these types of big jobs for weekends or during holidays, and consider asking a few family members to help out if they’re available so they can also get into the habit of cleaning the home.

4. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Organized

One of the best ways to stay organized while cleaning is to ensure that all of your supplies and tools are in one place. You don’t want to be searching around the house to find sponges, and you don’t want to be lugging around an entire armful of cleaning products.

Consider getting yourself a simple but effective cleaning caddy so that you can keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place. The caddy will also make it easy for you to carry your cleaning supplies around the house so that you don’t have to lug around a bucket or carry them separately. If you don’t have a large home to clean, then a bucket could be a good alternative. You’ll want to keep these cleaning supplies close to any appliances you use, such as vacuum cleaner or a telescopic window cleaner.

5. Make It A Family Job

You shouldn’t be the only one designated to clean the home, so make it a New Year’s resolution to get your loved ones or even roommates to help you clean the house. Teach them how to be more cleanly around the house and make big cleaning events in the home a group activity. Even if it’s something simple such as getting the kids to take out the trash or encouraging them to clean up messes as soon as they happen, small steps are necessary to reach bigger goals.

  • Don’t put all of the cleaning tasks on your shoulders. Instead, consider making them family activities so that you have an easier time cleaning up your home.

When it comes to cleaning, we are experts so if you need more advice or some help, please contact us. We will be there for you.

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