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Flu seasons can be brutal on households. The whole family loses motivation to do anything and you’ll feel powerless. Dishes will pile up, your food will taste bland and everyone’s going to be sitting in bed doing nothing all day. Thankfully, there are ways to keep the flu at bay to prevent it from ever spreading throughout your house.

  1. Remember How the Flu Spreads

The best way to prevent the flu from spreading is to remember how it spreads in the first place. Merely talking to an infected person exposes you to the flu, and it can affect people in a 6-feet radius as well. Sneezing or coughing can also spread the virus, and touching an infected surface (for instance, if the sick person sneezes and the virus gets on a table that you touch) can also expose you to the virus. With this in mind, remember that anything an infected person touches or coughs near is going to have a chance of spreading the virus, so aim for those surfaces when cleaning.

  1. Use Disinfectant

Using a quality disinfectant is an effective method of killing a virus and preventing it from spreading. Make sure you pay attention to where the sick person is and what they touch. This means spraying tabletops, counters, computer keyboards, phones, doorknobs, switches and so on. To disinfect correctly, spray the surface and use a cloth to wipe it down. Alternatively, you can spray the disinfectant onto the cloth and wipe the surface. If you’re disinfecting a floor, then you can use a ½ cup of bleach per gallon of water. Let the solution sit for at least a few minutes before rinsing.

  1. Give the Sick Person his/her Own Stuff

Make sure you designate cups, cutlery, utensils, hand towels and so on for the person that is sick. This will help prevent the spread of germs by isolating the germs on certain things in the house. The idea is to limit contact as much as possible, so you may also need to change sleeping arrangements or ask the sick person to keep all of their towels and utensils in their own room. This can make the person feel alienated, so it’s better to use this tip on adults or teenagers that understand the severity of the flu and why it’s important for them to stop sharing things with others.

  1. Wash Hands Often

Teach everyone in your home to wash their hands more often. Use some form of hand soap and wash for at least 20 seconds to ensure that the germs don’t spread. Wash your hands everytime you sneeze or cough to prevent the virus from spreading and keep hand sanitizers close so that you can quickly clean your hands whenever needed. You can also buy sanitizing wipes in disposable packets which are great for when the sick person needs to go outside.

  1. Wash Cleaning Equipment

If you’re going to use a mop, cloth or similar cleaning item, then make entirely sure that you clean them with disinfectant afterward. You’re wiping up viruses, and they’re sticking to the cleaning items you use, so this means you also need to clean those pieces of equipment. An easy way to clean cloths is to soak them in hot water with some soap. Rinse the cloth afterward and lay it flat to air dry, hang it with your washing or throw it into a tumble dryer. Only use it again once it has completely dried. For something like a mop, you may need to soak it in a disinfecting solution before washing and letting it dry.

  1. Teach Everyone About the Flu

You’re probably not the only person that cleans in the house, which is why it’s important to educate everyone in your household about the flu. For instance, if your children decide to help cleaning by wiping down a surface that they sneezed on, then they need to make sure it’s done with disinfectant, and they also need to let you know what cloth they used to clean it. This may be dangerous for your children to do especially if they’re young and don’t know how to handle a dangerous chemical, so the alternative is to always look out for your kids and clean up after them.

  1. Use Disposables

Whether it’s disposable cups, so that you don’t end up washing them and spreading the virus all over your dishes or asking the sick person to clean their hands with paper towels instead of your family’s hand towel, focus on using disposables if you want to be extra safe. This can often be expensive, but it’s only for a short duration, and you’ll want to ensure that the spread of the flu virus is contained. Sharing is caring, but when it comes to the flu, you definitely don’t want to be sharing your things!

  1. Keep the Sick Person Quarantined

Although it sounds quite archaic and cruel, one of the best ways to prevent the flu from spreading is to keep the sick person quarantined until they’re better. This means giving them the bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, so they don’t need to share the bathroom with you, and it also means taking meals up to them, so they eat on their own. It’s going to be lonely for that person, so avoid treating them like a prisoner in their own room!

Keeping the flu at bay is difficult especially when the others in your home don’t know how the flu works or how it spreads. The more informed they are, the better your chance of keeping the virus at bay. However, do keep in mind that you also need to be vigilant and consistent with how you clean your home to ensure that everything is kept sanitary and virus-free.

In addition, make sure you get plenty of rest and manage your stress levels so that the flu doesn’t get worse. Eat healthily and ensure you get enough fluids to stay hydrated and healthy.

We can help you get your house clean and disinfected from the flu or any other health problem. Make sure you are protecting your love ones. Contact us for more information or hire our services.

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