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Want a free estimate now?

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How It Works

Never had a maid service before? Don’t be intimidated; we make hiring a maid service easy for you. Your home is unique – a “one size fits all” service simply won’t suffice.

To learn more about our how our individually priced cleaning is tailored to meet your specific needs and budget, call your nearest location and ask for an estimate. (Estimates are free! And there’s never an obligation.)

Need to learn more before making the call? Read about how we get to know you and your home better:

First, your The Maids office will ask for key information, like your address and zip code. We’ll request your phone number and e-mail address so we can contact you if we have further questions. All information is kept confidential.

Next, a sales professional will walk you through our cleaning process and learn details about your home:

We’ve been making homes sparkle for over 30 years and have it down to a science.

Knowing the size of your home gives us an idea of how long our four-person team will need to clean. Sharing basic information lets us know what to expect before we arrive for the first clean.

Be sure to let us know the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, stairwells, other living spaces – like if you have a family room, an office, a dinette, a dining room, a rec room, a sun porch, a laundry room, a finished basement or a finished attic. If there are rooms that aren’t used much and you don’t need them cleaned, just let our sales specialist know.

We will also ask about the type of flooring throughout your home. Is it hardwood, tile, carpet, laminate? Let us know of any special surfaces – granite, marble or travertine, for example.

It’s important for us to understand the current condition of the home, including dust levels, how much a pet sheds (if you have one) and if there is any mold, mildew or soap scum buildup in the bathrooms.

Lastly, we’ll inquire as to how many people live in the home and learn more about any pets.

The Maids wants to ensure your home receives the attention it deserves. Knowing the details allows our sales specialist to determine how long our four team members will be in your home during the first clean. The first clean is priced hourly since our team is in the home longer, bringing your home up to a higher level of cleanliness than ever before, and tackling tough buildup like soap scum in the bathroom and grease in the kitchen. Along with normal cleaning tasks, during the first clean we’ll be taking extra care to hand-wipe ledges, baseboards and window sills, as well as cleaning the exterior of appliances, dusting ceiling fan blades and wiping clean cabinet and drawer exteriors.

During our initial conversation, we’ll let you know:

No matter if you need us once for a deep clean or for ongoing, regular service, we are ready to meet your needs!

Wait! We’re not quite done. Finally, we’ll schedule your first clean for a day and time that is convenient for you, securing your appointment with a credit card. If you don’t plan to be home, that’s okay. Just let us know how to access your home. Don’t forget to give us any alarm codes and alert us to any needs concerning your pets. Typically, when service workers are in a home, it’s best to keep pets secured so they aren’t scared by our presence.

Then you can sit back and relax! No need to “clean” before we arrive, although a general picking up will allow our teams to be more efficient while they are there.

Give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations, both with our customer service and with our thorough clean. Oh, and once you do give us a try, you’ll wonder what took you so long to call!

Our happy Clients

Connie S.

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On time. Ladies work well together. House is perfect when they leave. I can give them different things to do if needed.

Georgina T.

Very efficient, show care, and the fact that four people are cleaning and house is done well in a short period of time. Prefer this than having one or two people cleaning all day!

Sharna L.

The individuals who come to my house are people that I feel welcome having in my house. They’re clean placement and just in general someone that you would like to hear front your house.

Gloria C.

The complete dedication to cleanliness by all teams who have worked here.

Cindi W.

These ladies are professional, courteous and very quick at cleaning my rather large home. I have never been disappointed with their service. Top rate cleaning job!


They went above and beyond to make the house look as picture perfect as possible. They really did an excellent job.


Very efficient and cleaned everything. Down to every little detail! Excellent job!


I like the way that the queen is so consistent and it's very good and I'm extremely happy with my clean that I had specifically today. I just want to thank the blue team this is Lynn Paige and. 1 of the guys cleaned my refrigerator and I got to tell you that that meant the world to me. I have

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They're the best they've been coming to my house for over 5 years their grade would recommend them to anybody and everybody.


It was a great surprise to find my laundry folded. All the house was very clean.


Prompt and on schedule; great attitude, thorough attention to detail, and completed service in a most reasonable amount of time. Overall excellent.


I have the yellow team and they're absolutely excellent.


First clean was a bit pricey, but was overall worth it much better clean than my previous cleaners. Now I’m a regular customer and girls can clean my needed areas in just 1 hour.


New team but girls that came did a marvelous job in the hour that I needed. Way more than I expected was done. Blue team is always welcomed to my home.


I am very happy with the house cleaning services the Red team provides. The ladies are prompt, efficient, courteous, and do an excellent job. Thank you.


All the groups that have cleaned my home were very thorough, concentrated on their jobs and courteous. Besides, they clean better than my mother!! 😍


Very professional. Feels like a completely different house now thank you.


We have been using The Maids cleaning service for over 5 years (maybe more!) and We are so very happy and delighted with their superior service! They have been efficient, professional and most importantly professional and conscientious!!  I would highly recommend their cleaning services to family, friends and neighbors...which I have. A number have taken my recommendation!!


Punctual and spotless, as usual.