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Superior Cleaning Services In West Palm Beach And Jupiter FL With Our Health Touch Deep Cleaning System

The Maids Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System was made to guarantee that your home is cleaned with superior service and to provide you with the healthiest environment possible for you and your family. Our Healthy Touch cleaning services is composed of a 22-step treatment utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and superior cleaning solution for your home. We provide the 22 step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning system in West Palm Beach Florida, Jupiter Florida and surrounding cities!

Every room in your house is guaranteed to be cleaned using our environmentally cleaning supplies. Coupled with our unique HEPA equipped backpack vacuum, our unique cleaning services will allow us to make your home completely clean and free of contaminants –from your bathroom to your kitchen.

22-Step Healthy Touch Cleaning Services Tour

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Clean and wipe down appliance exteriors – The smooth, reflective surface on modern appliances can easily smudge. We will clean and wipe down your appliances so their visual appeal will shine through.
Clean the inside of your microwave – We will handle dirty jobs you don’t want to do – including cleaning the inside of your microwave. That’s one less chore you don’t have worry about!
Clean the stove range top – You don’t have to worry about grease and spill stains anymore! The Maids will wipe your range top until it’s squeaky-clean, and ready for your next cook-up!
Damp wipe cabinet doors – Grease stains are the worst enemies of any healthy and clean kitchen. The Maids will wipe down your cupboards to remove the grease and other grime buildup and leave you with a fresh-looking kitchen.
Clean table tops and counters – Well-cleaned and dry counters are very important in maintaining the health and good hygiene of your kitchen. We will wipe, clean and dry your kitchen counters, down to hard-to-reach areas so you’ll have a cleaner and healthier environment for your family.
Sanitize floors – Your kitchen floors see a lot of action; this is a perfect place for bacteria and germs to multiply. The Maids will clean and sanitize the floors so that your kitchen continues to be healthy and hygienic when you’re preparing meals for the family.
Load dishwasher – We won’t leave anything dirty behind. Your dirty dishes won’t be there when you get back – just check in your dishwasher.

All Rooms Cleaning Services

Pick up and straighten – We not only clean, we can help you get organized. The Maids of West Palm Beach will carefully pick up and straighten items and things in your home, while cleaning underneath them, as they go along.
Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings – Sills and ledges can accumulate a lot of dirt and they are easy to overlook. We pride ourselves in our methodical detail-cleaning – so your sills, ledges and wall hangings will look cleaner and fresher by the time we’re done.
Remove cobwebs – Cobwebs can stay in places for days and weeks – and even months! Don’t worry – The Maids takes initiative in spotting corners and areas where they may be, no matter how small or hard to reach.
Dust/vacuum furniture – Your furniture comes a close second to gathering the most dust. We will find it, and eliminate it from your home, so your family can enjoy a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.
Vacuum floors, carpets – You’ve guessed it – your floors and carpeting are the places where the most dust, dirt and debris gather. Leave it to the experts: The Maids will vacuum every carpet in your home, especially at the edges right up to the walls.
Vacuum stairs – Dirt and debris love corners and those spots in the foot rails, balusters and especially if you have carpet runners. Don’t worry: The Maids will vacuum your stairs every time we drop by to visit.
Vacuum under beds – Lint and dust bunnies keeping you company under your bed? The Maids will take the time to remove any dust bunnies and dirt buildup underneath your beds. We also change linens, make beds, and more! With The Maids, you don’t need to worry about anything!
Empty trash – Count on The Maids to do all your dirty work – even taking out the trash.

 Bathrooms Cleaning Services

Clean sinks, counters; Change towels – When your bathroom isn’t clean, that can spell trouble. The Maids take extra special care to ensure your most personal space is sparkling clean and properly sanitized.
Clean and sanitize toilets, tubs, showers – Cleaning toilets, tubs and showers are not the favorite chores for most homeowners. We clean out and remove soap scum, stains and other buildup that appears, leaving your bathrooms looking and smelling fresh and clean.
Sanitize floors – Your bathroom floors can be breeding grounds for germs. We sanitize them so you’ll be safe whenever you’re using your bathroom.
Windows Clean entry window, one set of patio door windows – How clean your front door and entry windows are can make a big difference between a good or bad impression. The Maids will make sure that your entry and door windows, and one set of patio door windows are always dust and smudge-free, so your home feels welcoming to visitors and friends.

Home and Environment-Safe Cleaning Materials and Solutions for That Superb and Total Clean

We guarantee that our professional cleaning team will provide the best cleaning services to let you breathe fresh and easy. Every single time we visit your home, you will see that it only gets better and better.

Our staff will get down on their hands and knees and scrub your floors to a spotless shine. We even use a grout brush to get mildew and mold out of your bathroom. From fingerprints on phone receivers, to doorknobs and light switches, the spreading of germs has been broken by the effective cleaning services of The Maids of West Palm Beach and of Jupiter FL.

Our happy Clients

Connie S.

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  • https://www.themaidswestpalmbeach.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/mark-as-favorite-star-copy-3.png
On time. Ladies work well together. House is perfect when they leave. I can give them different things to do if needed.

Georgina T.

Very efficient, show care, and the fact that four people are cleaning and house is done well in a short period of time. Prefer this than having one or two people cleaning all day!

Sharna L.

The individuals who come to my house are people that I feel welcome having in my house. They’re clean placement and just in general someone that you would like to hear front your house.

Gloria C.

The complete dedication to cleanliness by all teams who have worked here.

Cindi W.

These ladies are professional, courteous and very quick at cleaning my rather large home. I have never been disappointed with their service. Top rate cleaning job!


They went above and beyond to make the house look as picture perfect as possible. They really did an excellent job.


Very efficient and cleaned everything. Down to every little detail! Excellent job!


I like the way that the queen is so consistent and it's very good and I'm extremely happy with my clean that I had specifically today. I just want to thank the blue team this is Lynn Paige and. 1 of the guys cleaned my refrigerator and I got to tell you that that meant the world to me. I have

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They're the best they've been coming to my house for over 5 years their grade would recommend them to anybody and everybody.


It was a great surprise to find my laundry folded. All the house was very clean.


Prompt and on schedule; great attitude, thorough attention to detail, and completed service in a most reasonable amount of time. Overall excellent.


I have the yellow team and they're absolutely excellent.


First clean was a bit pricey, but was overall worth it much better clean than my previous cleaners. Now I’m a regular customer and girls can clean my needed areas in just 1 hour.


New team but girls that came did a marvelous job in the hour that I needed. Way more than I expected was done. Blue team is always welcomed to my home.


I am very happy with the house cleaning services the Red team provides. The ladies are prompt, efficient, courteous, and do an excellent job. Thank you.


All the groups that have cleaned my home were very thorough, concentrated on their jobs and courteous. Besides, they clean better than my mother!! 😍


Very professional. Feels like a completely different house now thank you.


We have been using The Maids cleaning service for over 5 years (maybe more!) and We are so very happy and delighted with their superior service! They have been efficient, professional and most importantly professional and conscientious!!  I would highly recommend their cleaning services to family, friends and neighbors...which I have. A number have taken my recommendation!!


Punctual and spotless, as usual.