Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the fine weather for a better-late-than-never Spring Clean or you’re officially sick of clutter, dust, and having to beat back the mess regularly, it’s time to take back your home. The deep clean is something that every house needs from time-to-time. A lot of it entails taking care of the same things you would do in your usual cleans, but going a little more into the details, nooks, and crannies that you might regularly miss. Make sure you set aside plenty of time because, while the details might be small, it can take a lot of time to reach all of them.

How to organize the process

You might be used to cleaning from room-to-room when you do a deep clean, but this time we’re going to try out a different tactic. Instead of room-to-room, we’re going to move from top-to-bottom of the whole house. Start at the top floor, working at the very top level of it, moving down from above-head level to eye-level to waist level and so on. This means that while you’re cleaning, you’re not going to be moving any dust or debris to spots that you’ve already cleaned. If your home is a single story, you just need to worry about moving from above-head-level all the way down to floor level. For houses with more than a single story, start with the top one first.

We’ll also take a look at how to do a kitchen deep clean separately, as it’s a wholly different beast.

Getting ready

Before you start a deep clean, you have to get rid of all the things that can get in the way. This means the clutter and items lining your mantlepiece, coffee table, or left on the floor somewhere. Everything needs to be put back into their appropriate storage places. If you don’t have one, you need to find a temporary space, such as cardboard boxes left out in the garage until the clean is done. You can also collect items per person, giving them their box of clutter to do with what they will.

Step one: In over your head

  • Clean air vents and change filters.
  • Dust/vacuum any high ledges and the space above cabinets.
  • Clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and high windows.

Step two: Eye level

  • Wash and iron your curtains before re-hanging them.
  • Dust and wipe down any tall furniture like bookshelves or clocks.
  • Dust and clean windows, pictures, mirrors, clocks and wall hangings.

Step three: Waist deep

  • Dust the rest of your surfaces.
  • Clean the furniture appropriately. Polish the wood, clean the leather, vacuum and spot clean upholstered items.
  • Wash all your bedclothes and change your linens.
  • Clean and wipe bathroom sinks, counters, and surfaces.
  • Scrub the shower, bathroom, and toilet.

Step four: Under your feet

  • Sweep any hard floors, including debris from past cleans.
  • Spot clean and mop hard floors.
  • Wash and vacuum any rugs and carpets, a wet vacuum is recommended
  • Wash your area rugs.
  • Wipe and dust baseboards.

Final step: The Kitchen Clean

With only the pre-clean applying to the kitchen, you’re going to need to spend time separately in that room as it has its own rules. Here’s a quick checklist of what needs to be done in the kitchen.

  • Inventory the pantry, seeing what needs to be thrown out and what needs to be restocked. Check all your pots, pans, utensils, etc. and throw out old, unused, or duplicate items.
  • Wash all the dishes, then empty the dishwasher and drainer. Wash out the sink after, disinfecting the sink and faucets.
  • Clean the inside of the dishwasher and drainer.
  • Clean the inside of appliances such as the microwave and oven.
  • Unplug the refrigerator so you can clean the coils.
  • Sweep and wipe all counters, floors, and appliances at the end to make sure there’s no dust or debris left.
  • Finally, mop the floors.

If you need any help cleaning those hard to reach places or you simply don’t have the time, don’t forget that you can reach out to The Maids. Call us at (561) 270-4470, let us know what you need, and we can give you a free estimate.

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