Cleaning For Holiday

The Christmas period is fast approaching. So, if you want to guarantee your place on Santa’s nice list, it’s vital that you get the home ready for the fun and festivities.

Thankfully, we’ve got a dozen Christmas cleaning tips that will make prepping for the holidays far less stressful. This year will be a very merry Christmas indeed.

#1. Clean the Oven

Giving the oven a pre-Christmas clean will go a long way to preparing your kitchen for the busy festive dinner preparations. Place a bowl of hot water and half a cup of vinegar in the oven for half an hour at 180 to steam clean the oven. Or, if the oven is very dirty, The Maids can give it a deep clean. Either way, food will taste far better when it comes from a clean oven.

#2. Clear the Fridge Freezer

Clearing the fridge freezer or foods that are past their best won’t only free up more space for your delicious festive treats. It’ll additionally prevent bacteria and mold from contaminating the good foods. Do this right away and give the insides a once over too.

#3. Stay on Top of the Washing

There’s nothing worse than spending your Christmas doing the dishes. Have a big cleaning session in advance of the big day and wash the pots and pans used for any prepared foods as soon as you’ve used them. This will make a huge difference to the time you spend with your guests. Make sure that all wine glasses are cleaned and dried in the right way.

#4. Give Cutlery a Polish

If you have a special cutlery set for the festivities, it’s likely that it has collected a lot of dust over the past 12 months. Little baking soda and salt will soon lift any dirt spots that have accumulated, leaving them to look brand new.

#5. Book a Professional Clean Ahead of Time

While there are many ways to boost the look and general cleanliness on a DIY basis, there’s no substitute for a professional clean. Booking The Maids to provide a range of in-depth house cleaning services ranging from carpet cleaning to window cleaning will unlock the full potential of the property. Just remember that this is a busy time of year, so book early to avoid disappointment.

#6. Clean the Floors on Christmas Eve

A professional clean in early December will provide an excellent platform but vacuuming the carpets and mopping hard floors just before the guests arrive, will ensure that the home looks perfect for the busy days of Christmas.

#7. Give the Bathroom a Once Over

In addition to cleaning the bathroom tiles, mirrors, and basins, you should ensure that the room is stocked with towels, tissue, and soap. There’s nothing more embarrassing for the guests than having to shout out for a little help.

#8. Help Guests Stay Tidy

When the home is full, it’s likely that living spaces will start to accumulate trash. Provide bins and tissues in those rooms to ensure that this waste can be localized and kept under control. This should help the home retain its festive charm.

#9. Tidy the Pathway

The front garden might not be as colorful as it would be in the summer. Still, you should take the time to sweep your stoop and ensure that leaves have been raked. This will set the tone for your entire home, making your internal effort feel far more impactful.

#10. Clean the Tablecloth

Nobody wants to eat their Christmas dinner on a dirty tablecloth. If yours is merely a little dirty and free from major stains, sticking it in the washing machine as instructed should suffice. In case this doesn’t work, soaking in household detergent and a bowl of warm water should help life the stains. This will make your magical mealtime all the more special.

#11. Get Dusting

Dusting the day before guests arrive, will make a big difference. A professional clean in early December should mean that only small amounts accumulate in the meantime. A quick wipe over window ledges, surfaces, and door frames will have a telling impact on the overall appearance.

#12. Ensure That You Have Enough Cleaning Materials

From sprays and detergents to clean tea towels and wipes, it’s imperative that you stock enough items. Get organized by making your list of essentials in advance. It’ll be far harder to find those items on Christmas Eve when other families are in a similar state of panic. Take charge of the situation today.

We are here to help you go about all these items before Christmas Eve. Get your home ready to receive all the guests you want and welcome them in the best and cleaner way. Give us a call and forget about cleaning yourself!

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