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You might think that hiring a house cleaner is a relatively straightforward process of just picking up the phone and organizing a regular schedule. However, in reality, it is much more psychologically complicated than that.

House cleaners aren’t just professionals who clean your home, but people you must implicitly trust, too. There’s no hiding when it comes to house cleaners: they see everything, even what you wouldn’t show your closest friends. Far from being paid employees, house cleaners are more akin to intimate partners whom you have to trust not to judge you for the mess in your home or the way that you live your life. It can be a daunting prospect.

Choosing a house cleaner, therefore, is about much more than determining whether somebody has the skills to clean a room. It’s primarily about whether you feel comfortable with having a person in your house cleaning out all the areas you’d rather keep private, like the bathroom bin or your laundry basket. Some times, it can be a tough call. Finding the right person is, therefore, essential.

Many people put off finding a house cleaner. However, doing so could mean that you lose money, or at least suffer a reduction in your quality of life. There’s almost always something more productive that you could be doing that would offset the cost of hiring somebody else to clean your house for you.

So what should you look for in a great house cleaner? Take a look at the following:

Seek Out House Cleaner Recommendations

Once you’ve decided to hire a house cleaner, the next step is to start canvassing for recommendations. You want to know which companies in the area offer a quality and reliable cleaning service. But where should you look for suggestions?

  • Ask your friends. More often than not, your friends will know a good house cleaner that they are either currently hiring or have hired in the past. Their testimonials can help you decide whether you should use someone.
  • Read online reviews. Many house cleaning websites offer testimonials from customers. Read these testimonials to get a flavor of the quality of service provided. Also, make sure you check out independent reviews on review sites and online directories (including Google and Yelp) to see whether a particular cleaning service makes the grade.
  • See who is popular in your neighborhood. If you regularly see the same branded vans turning up along your street, it’s a good sign that the company behind them is doing a good job. Keep an eye out for which cleaning services people in your area prefer.

Be Smart with House Cleaner Online Reviews

Although online reviews are an essential tool to find great cleaners, they can be misleading.

  • The cleaning company paid for the review. The first problem is that the cleaning company may have paid for favorable words. Paid reviews aren’t uncommon, and given the importance that people ascribe to user opinions, it should come as no surprise that some firms engage in these practices. Be skeptical of firms that have only 4 and 5-star reviews: they could be cheating.
  • The sample is biased. People are usually only motivated to leave a review if they were either thrilled or enraged by a cleaning service. You tend to see many more 5-star and 1-star reviews online, reflecting that emotional motivations are the primary drive, rather than objectively evaluating the quality of service. Online reviews, therefore, should be interpreted with caution.
  • The reviews don’t reflect current practice. The final thing to check is whether the reviews are up to date. The methods of a cleaning company may change over time, and old reviews may not reflect the present quality.

Ask the House Cleaner for References

Taking on a cleaner is a significant financial decision, so you want to make sure that you are getting great value for money.

Most cleaning services should be able to provide you with the contact details for references, even if they don’t have an established digital marketing plan.

When you contact your references, be sure to ask them the following questions:

  • Did the cleaners turn up at the time specified in the agreement?
  • Did the cleaners cause any damage to your property?
  • Did the cleaners do a thorough job?
  • Did the cleaners treat the people in your home with professionalism and respect?
  • How long did you use their cleaning services?
  • If you stopped using them, why did you stop?
  • How did the cleaners interact with children and pets?

All of these questions should factor into your decision to hire a particular cleaner.

Give Honest Feedback

Finding a great house cleaner is a process. Granted, you want to ensure that they are suitable for the job before you hire them, but it’s also important to acknowledge that not all cleaners will reach their full potential the first time that they come to clean your home.

Cleaners love to clean, but they often have other motivations for what they do, like a desire to spend time with the families that they serve. As a homeowner, it’s your job to make it clear what you want and expect. Although cleaners have experience cleaning and can do so to a high standard, they won’t know your precise criteria unless you tell them.

Once your new house cleaner has cleaned your home a few times, give them feedback. Tell them what is working and where you’d like to see improvement. Focus on the positives first to encourage a good relationship, then mention the things that you’d like to see them change.

If you want a quality house cleaning service that’s beloved by locals, then try The Maids in West Palm Beach. Our professional cleaners listen to your desired standards for cleanliness and come highly recommended. With us, you’ll get the beautiful, sparkling, and organized home that you’ve always wanted.

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